Dan Crane

Digital Specialist, Innovator, Technologist.

Currently CTO at Eternus - providing technology services to the Eternus group globally.

Previously VP of Digital at gDEX, COO of Horizon State blockchain voting and Chief Online Officer, Tatts Group.

What I Do

Blockchain Innovator

In my various blockchain roles, I've looked deep into blockchain tech - not just at its potential for use as a currency, but what smart contracts can do to disintermediate many aspects of modern society.


My aim is to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the use of technology in society, and the potential changes that may come from it. I think that a polymath approach to education is best served to adapt to exponential changes.

Digital Innovator

I've held senior digital and innovation roles across several businesses, and have grown both startups and assisted ASX top 50 companies in positioning themselves to better suit customer needs in a digital age.


I founded Ultim as I was attempting to start keto way of eating and found that it was so hard when away from home. So much food out there has hidden sugars and refined carbohydrates, and I kept slipping out of ketosis. Taking on a founding role on my own was its own kind of challenge, when you have no-one to rely on you quickly became adept at tasks outside your comfort zone.