How can I help?

My life has revolved around technology and innovation since I got my first computer. With over 20 years experience in roles - ranging from highly technical to the c-level - managing large and diverse teams, through to burgeoning start-ups; I always ensure I stay on the cutting edge of new technology and how it can best be used inside any type of business.

From working with teams on applying new tech ideas to seemingly disparate products, to innovating with existing processes - I've guided many businesses through the discovery and blue-sky thinking through to implementation.

During this process, I've shuffled between remote collaboration and working through to in-house team work, and am familiar with demystifying new tech to those unfamiliar.

Contact me to find out more about how I could assist  your company on its journey.

What I can help with

Digital Product Innovation

I specialise in coming into a company, evaluating their product-set, researching the overall market and thinking of unique and new ways that modern technology can work to reinvigorate a product offering.

Process Automation

These days there are so many tools that can be used to assist us with our daily routines, and ensure we are completely focused on the task at hand - but they are often all sitting in their own silo-ed existence. The ability to link and integrate tooling is one of my core strengths and passions.

Innovation Framework

In many companies, the best ideas can often come from the most unlikely of places. Ensuring a proper process of both receiving and evaluating these ideas is crucial if you want to stay competitive. I can help implement an open innovation framework that enables a way to sort, test and move on only the best potential ideas for your business - ensuring you are always ahead of the market.

Blockchain analysis

Once you get past the buzzword of blockchain and crypto, and really dive into what is possible, the potential for disruption to businesses across the globe is quite stark. As with any new innovation, you need to ensure that you are either moving with the times and potentially disrupting yourself, or be left behind.