Remote working

With modern requirements increasingly calling for working flexibility, the remote working concept is being embraced more and more.

Whilst not all work is suitable, there is a wide array of IT work that is perfectly suited - and in fact, sometimes even more productivity can be had by having workers take more ownership over their time and working situation.

The old fear of worker slacking off has been debunked by most researchers in this space - especially when you are dealing with industry professionals - but there are best practices and automation tooling that can be put in place to ensure your business can get the most from this arrangement.

I've worked in various businesses, from large corporate environments to startups, and have spent many years working in office, completely remotely, or a hybrid of the two - as such, I have learnt many of the lessons on what works, what doesn't, and how a company can turn this aspect of their business into a real draw-card for employees.

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What I can offer


The combination of tools, and even more importantly, their integration with each other, is absolutely key to streamlining the process and ensuring that workers are not left wondering where to find things.


With a properly integrated setup many manual tasks can be automated, and soon you can find your focus is laser sharp, and not being pulled in too many directions at once. Ideally a central comms tool would pull in all your other tooling to give a one-stop-shop workview.


Knowing what is required, and what is not is important. This will also need to be catered to the type of work a staff member is undertaking.

Home routine

Routine is a key factor is this kind of work, and while it can radically depend on the staff member in question, there are learnings to be had on best practices, and what works best. The upside of this work is that once you have your routine setup and customised to your own needs, you are often far more productive that before.